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New Release!

Munro III
Munro's third full-length digital album is streaming and downloadable now. Search "Munro Coutant" for buying and streaming options, or visit his YouTube Channel.


It Comes and Goes
Hot on the heels of his debut release, Munro Coutant's second album, It Comes and Goes, is out now.
He talked to BPM about it here.
Look for it on your favorite streaming services today!

Out Now

2020 Out
"Bid farewell to what was arguably the worst year of the century so far."
Best Policy Music presents Munro Coutant's first full-length solo album.
He talked to BPM about it here.
Look for it on your favorite streaming services Christmas day.


Interview with
Xanthan (the band)
"I love weird music. It excites me."
Corin Gatwood talks about the band's origins, evolution, and upcoming studio album. Links to new music inside!
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Shrine of Malice


Poster Children
Concert Review


Interview with
"We have to live in a construct that patriarchal white supremacists built. So within that, one of the highest forms of resistance we can engage in is rejecting whatever norms they've imposed upon us by following our hearts, being audacious, and having fun."
Dana Viloria talks about the band's new single "Decompose" and warns us of unchecked human rights violations.
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Concert review
Poster Children
"I really wish I'd recorded or otherwise kept some direct quotes from band members. Oh well, live and learn."
David Coutant talked with members of Poster Children at their show at The Echo in 2016. Here he summarizes the sets from openers Batwings Catwings and State to State, as well as the main attraction, Champaign-Urbana's P-kids.
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Interview with
"Chocolate Zulu was extremely simple... Orange Cones was a more complex undertaking that was maybe more in touch with popular styles."
Best Policy's flagship artist talks about early bands, future projects, and writing a musical.
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