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Weapons of Mass Destruction — Xzibit

by David DM Coutant
December 10, 2015

I know I'm coming late to this party, and I have not had the experience of watching Pimp My Ride, but I recently purchased this disc from my local Rhino Records.

I like the production on this album. I like the minimal instrumentation/samples. Most tracks have a good solid beat and not a bunch of nonsense.

Xzibit has a really poetic way about him. He says profound things with conviction and intensity. There are only about 3 lines on the album where he says something I consider silly. I think at one point he says that he's "build Ford tough." In "Ride or Die" he speaks of "real gangsters" and how they don't say they're going to shoot you, they just "hit the trunk, cock it and spray it" then he inexplicably says, "Light up your Christmas" which sounds silly. I don't know what Christmas has to do with it.

The "Steady Gang" of Strong Arm Steady does a great job of supporting him and they provide a welcome variety to the tracks.

My top 3 favorite tracks on the album are "Beware of Us," "Ride or Die" and "Tough Guy" which features Busta Rhymes. When you listen to Tough Guy be sure and start with track 12, "Big Barking" which is the intro to the song. It makes the conclusion make sense. These tracks have catchy, melodic choruses that are fun to sing along with.

Honorable mention goes to "Crazy Ho," which does not feature X to the Zizzle himself, but provides some comic relief to the otherwise serious and heavy subject matter.

Other favorite tracks include "LAX," "Criminal Set," and "Saturday Night Live."

Least favorite tracks are Cold World, mostly due to the bad synchronization of the bass and drums, and the album's first single, "Hey Now (Mean Muggin)" as it moves away from the simplicity of the other tracks, overdoing it with the samples and production. Plus the chorus is not very catchy.

Overall it is a very listenable album and, except for when my 6-year-old is in the car, it's the only CD I have put on for the last two months.

Great job, Alvin Joiner.


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