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Best Policy Music

Mission and Notice

Notice to Artists

The Best Policy Music website is a non-profit site with the purpose of exposing unsigned artists, and for that reason we don't intend to drive our viewers to sites where they will need to pay to experience what we're promoting. Linking to sites where purchases are offered is fine, but it must be in addition to free access to a reasonable number of the band's original tracks. Besides that, even hit artists complain about how little money their streaming music pays per play. That's not the way to make money. Traffic is value these days, even if you don't put ads on everything. The more exposure a group has, the more potential they have to make money playing gigs. We are about enabling groups, providing a wall on which to spray-paint their name; we are not selling their product for them, we are giving them additional exposure to sell their own product.
This mission is subject to change.

We are about enabling groups, providing a wall on which to spray-paint their name.

Level of Service

Best Policy has been in the soft-promotion arena for 14 years, helping to record and share the work of artists-at-heart. Essentially, Best Policy is a hobby, driven by the desire to give some attention to hobbyist artists. While music is the focus, most art forms can be integrated to enhance the experience. We do not have a firm format, and will evolve through content, perspective, outlook, inspiration, education and style.

Why Best Policy?

Although we are a low-profile entity, we do have high-profile connections, including executives, producers, hit-makers, working bands, studio owners, actors, directors, social leaders, political figures, trendsetters,
And because Best Policy doesn't ask anything of you, besides participation and permission, there is no risk to you. There are no contracts or fees. Our interactions are strictly on the amateur level. We can't promise you anything except the truth.

Notice to Writers

Any articles or reviews submitted for inclusion on Best Policy will remain the property of the author, and the author retains the right to share/post submitted articles to other sites without recourse from Best Policy. Submission of articles does constitute consent of the author for Best Policy and its subsidiaries to use, publish and reprint said articles as we see fit, without further permission from the author.

Content and Editing

Author submissions are subject to editing including (but not limited to) spelling/grammar/punctuation, content, language, and may include omission/augmentation of submitted content. Editor has sole discretion to include or exclude articles or portions of articles submitted.

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