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Best Policy Music grew from the ashes of the Broccoli & Sister brand, and the accompanying Broccoli Web.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check to see if your question is a common one, and if you can get the answer without requesting it.

Does Best Policy Music sign artists/bands?
No, Best Policy does not deal in contracts or distribution or, at this point, recording/producing. It is something we would like to do in the future, but at the moment we are simply a site for sharing links to help bands promote themselves.

Does Best Policy profit from the works of Munro?
No, at the moment nobody profits from the works of Munro. Except maybe YouTube, who gets thousands of views on Munro's "Presidents Song", which he is prevented from monetizing himself.

You often cite SoundClick chart data. Do SoundClick charts mean anything?
Different charts measure different things. Billboard charts measure sales. Other charts rate based on people's opinions. I'm not sure what the SoundClick charts are measuring, but a chart is a chart. That is to say, if a daily rating appears on the site consistently for one user to the next, then it is a recordable statistic. There are some songs in the database that never reach the charts, and some that get pretty high up. Buying your way onto the chart is not the only method of achieving a place on it (assuming it is one); BPM has not paid a dime to get any of our recordings on there, yet they're on there. There's some activity at work here, be it view/listen tracked, decided by SoundClick representatives, or other method of determining these things. Whatever it is, it's a public statistic and we'll take it. If it matters to you, it matters.

What is the connection between I. Broccoli & Sister Publishing and Best Policy Music?
Best Policy Music grew from the ashes of the Broccoli & Sister brand, and the accompanying Broccoli Web. Ichabod got back into publishing, this time for music. Just as he had brought to market the words of Barry Schwam (The Case a de Dia IB&S 1997) and David DM Coutant (various), Broccoli seeks to bring to a focal point the raw, pure, honest sound of the untainted musician sharing their unadulterated art in a simple way.

What ever happened to Ichabod's sister?
After Susan's husband, guitarist David Darling, died in a motorcycle accident, Susan chose to leave the publishing business. She spread the rumor that Ichabod had died in an earthquake in an effort to dissolve I. Broccoli & Sister Publishing, made a short film about it, and then she went off the grid. Ichabod didn't realize until recently that she had done this, as he had backed out of publishing and the public eye after critical attacks on the Broccoli & Sister release Hitler's Autograph, a collection of poems by Ivan X.

Who is Ivan X?
Ivan X is a guitarist from Southern California known for the bands Press Darlings, XIII Knots, Tongue, the Gitane Demone Quartet, and others. He is also the brother of Best Policy Music's flagship artist, Munro.

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